About us

Kim Loydall and Julie Hirons both live and work near Rugby Warwickshire and have been producing paintings and artwork since the ‘70s. The paintings show scenes that have inspired them throughout the British landscape. But their shared interest in a common thread of themes is most apparent in subjects found locally.  The mixture of industrial and rural environment, provides a wealth of imagery in which the natural and manmade co-exist. These are either images which emphasise the contradictions between the differing elements or show the time-weathered blending of the two. Either way, the resulting work usually shows a post-industrial relic being absorbed by nature.  
Julie works mostly in watercolour and looks for unusual compositions, colourful coastal scesand small, selected areas of architecture or gardens. She also paints more conventional landscapes and still-life compositions with fruit, flowers, etc. Besides watercolours, you will find examples on this site of Julie’s drawings and of works in various other media.
Kim largely works in oils, mostly landscapes.    His knowledge of nature and strong understanding of light and atmospheric conditions, help him to express the seasonal nuances of colour and texture in the countryside. He also experiments with closer or more unusual views of subjects which are enhanced by the special effects of natural light and the elements.
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