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Thanks so much for your site! It has given me a needed spring board to begin painting again.....

Shannon <>
- Sunday, June 22, 2008 at (GMT Daylight Time)
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Kim & Julie
- Wednesday, April 02, 2008 at (GMT Daylight Time)
This is a fabolous site with a wonderfull artist!!! Im enchanted and without words in front of step by stef of oils! Compliments! Silvia

Silvia <>
it is spiritually lifting to see some art on the web which retains a base in the fundementals of painting and demonstrates the skill aspect to image making.Best of luck in your work for the future.D.

Denis <>
I like how you talk about oil painting. Step by step. I myself paint in a class. In San Francisco City College and my teacher say it the same way you teach on line. I have taken about 20 class"s in art.

kim ackerman <>
Great site the step by step tuition is a great introduction to the wonderful pastime of painting. congratulations very well done.Regards Gabriel

My first visit to your site. Thank you for posting information on oil painting.

Merle Steva <>
congratulations !...I did enjoy viewing your website very clear and allowing people to benefit of your excellent work.Indeed, I do appreciate your art-. paintings.Your e.mail address was given to me by your friend Hervé who is now my nexdoor neighbour.RegardsM.Annick

Mrs. M.A. BOUREAU <>
I viewed the pages here, and the step by step. I find this website pretty neat. As I just became a member, I look forward to progressing with my art work.Thanks for offering such an encouragement to those who love art.

Tammy <>
hi!! my name as it says is jessica loydall im 13 yrs old i couldnt believe it when i saw this i love art and my dad is soooooooo good. so are you You are so good

Jessica Loydall <>

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